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Know about BBSakura

Message from the company

Make the world easier with technology.

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major transformation.
We are moving away from the days when we had to buy specialized hardware to provide services, to writing the necessary software ourselves, providing services in our own environment, and making modifications as needed.
I would like to expand such common sense of software development to the telecommunications industry, and one day make the Internet and the world better and more interesting.
Although the knowledge required may be wide-ranging, we invite you to grow with us at Geeks' Playground, an interesting environment that will change the world, with skillful colleagues who do not define their own areas of expertise!
We welcome those who just want to hear a little bit about us first. Please contact us!

President & CEO, Hideyuki Sasaki
Board Director & CMO, Ryosuke Yamaguchi

Recruitment overview

We are looking for new graduates and mid-career employees.

Full-time employees (new graduates)


Recruitment of new graduates will be in accordance with the recruitment policies of both Softbank and Sakura Internet. Recruitment conditions may change from year to year. For more detailed information, please contact us using recruitment inquiry form.
*Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for assignment to our company.

Full-time employees (mid-career)


*Please refer to each company's recruitment page for recruitment details, rules and conditions.

*BBIX (SoftBank Corporation), or you will be sent to BBSakura Networks after your employment as a Sakura Internet employee.
*Please apply for a casual interview if you would like a detailed explanation.

Apply for a casual meeting

The casual interviews, unlike the recruitment interviews, are an overview of BBSakura Networks and how we work.
You can apply for the employment interview after having an image of what it is like to work at BBSakura Networks.
*When applying, please indicate 'Application for Casual Interview' in the title of the form.
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